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2020.06.20 | Public/media

New analysis: When we reach the Danish climate targets, we can save 10-20 billion per year on health

iClimate researchers has together with a team of research colleagues found that, what cleaner air after a green transition can mean in terms of rescued deaths and illness. - The savings are comparable to the actual cost of the green transition.

2020.06.12 | Research

International research project will investigate Arctic ecosystems under pressure from climate change

Researchers from the Department of Geoscience at Aarhus University are participating in a new research project, ECOTIP, which will investigate the impacts of climate change on the marine ecosystems in the Arctic and the cascading effects on the environment and society. The aim is to ensure sustainable use of ecosystems for generations to come.

2020.05.18 | Press release

New professor gives climate research at AU an energy boost: Now we want to be the best!

Climate research at the Department of Environmental Sciences and iClimate will be strengthened from 1 June with the appointment of Professor Peter Langen, who will replace his management position at DMI with the structure and development of the Institute's research in climate modeling. Head of department Carsten Suhr Jacobsen believes that Peter…

2020.01.27 | Research news

Climate optimization of agricultural production systems

Researchers from Aarhus University collaborate with researchers from the University of Copenhagen on the development of system analyzes that support a more climate-friendly food production and biomass use in Danish agriculture. (Have a look at the full article in Danish via the link above)

2020.01.07 | Research news

Robust crops for an extreme climate

The climate has become more unstable and extreme and this is a challenge for our crops. This issue was discussed by researchers from a number of countries at a workshop held by the Department of Food at Aarhus University on December 6. (Have a look at the full article in Danish via the link above)

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