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Agriculture and Climate

The main objective of the research pillar “Agriculture & Climate” is to understand the interaction between agriculture and climate change. The main question is how climate change will affect the agricultural production as well as how agricultural production impacts climate change. The agricultural sector is currently coming into focus as a major sector for targeted measures to reduce GHG emissions and for enhancing soil carbon uptake. There is a considerable potential in the agricultural sector to act as a part of the solution to the climate change challenge instead of being a part of the problem. This challenge needs to integrate the multiple effects of changing climate on biological processes and production systems. In iClimate, we will exploit the possibilities for technical, biological and social services and solutions related to this sector in close collaboration with stakeholders (both private companies and public bodies).

The research of the “Agriculture & Climate” pillar focuses on improved quantification of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation options, as well as effect of climate change on agricultural production and associated environmental impacts and the possibilities for adaptation to climate change. iClimate does this through developing a set of common modelling, data, technical and biological platforms at farm and landscape scales in which ongoing research activities will be integrated.


For inquiries relating to our research within climate drivers, please do not hestitate to contact pillar coordinator Lars Juhl Munkholm. For other inquiries, please look under contact.