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Resilience and adaptation

The main objective of the research pillar “Resilience and adaptation” is to develop the understanding and knowledge required in order to i) support a transition towards a climate resilient, just and healthy society and ii) address the resilience and adaptation challenges of the agricultural sector.

The main question concerns how we can adapt to the inevitable negative impacts of climate change and develop resilient sectors and societies that can withstand the increasingly dynamic climate system and its impacts. In the agricultural sector, we are especially interested in quantifying the impacts and interaction between agriculture and climate and assessing how agricultural production in future climates and shared socioeconomic pathways will be impacted in terms of quantity and quality.

At societal level, we are especially focusing on adaptation gaps in policy and regulation, cost-effectiveness of adaptation options, just resilience, how to design sustainable cities that are resilient to greater climate variability, and the potential for nature-based solutions (NBS) as an cost-effective solution that can provide multiple benefits.

This pillar works across disciplines between i.a. genetics, agronomy, crop science, climate science, biological science and social sciences (economics, political science and sociology) and seeks to collaborate with key public and private stakeholders.