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Denmark has to reduce its total emissions by 70% by 2030. How can you participate to achieve that goal?

This is a huge societal challenge for all of us. Therefore, we from Aarhus University support companies, the state, regions and municipalities by providing our knowledge and targeting the research-based advice to the individual's needs, so we can accomplish the goal together.

The iClimate Service Center was created to help your business or organization to become more sustainable and thus become part of the solution. We take raw data and turn it into research-based information which can be used by companies and institutions as a basis for their actions.

This newly established sub-centre is part of iClimate, an interdisciplinary climate research center at Aarhus University. This centre unifies experts which cover all scientific and technical disciplines and aspects of environmental economics at Aarhus University – ranging from systems biologists to climate experts and engineers.

With us you can determine your CO2 accounting and find out how you can reduce it with the help of technical solutions. We develop a range of options for you and help you select the ones which make most impact on the environment while also taking into account your business needs. Furthermore, we can help you to disclose your specific and cost-effective adaptation needs in relation to how climate change will affect your organization. This analysis will also help you to uncover positive market differentiation opportunities for you in the green transition.

An example of data could be data on climate change at national level - how do you translate that knowledge into something you can use locally and in relation to your projects? Is there a need to change material choices? How should water be handled best? Can you schedule and manage your consumption differently, to align it with business demand and with the availability of renewable energy solutions? How do I ensure documentation and optimization in the value chain in relation to CO2 accounting? These and many other questions we would like to help you answer.

We are eager to come and discuss your specific opportunities to contribute to the green transition and at the same time make it a good business.

Call and book an appointment for a visit by a researcher - it only costs you time.