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Funds for iClimate activities

iClimate funds for interdisciplinary and collaborative activities

Download application form.

iClimate has funds to support our mission – see below. The funds may be used to further all elements of our mission. This means that if you, for example,

  • have an idea for a new project where you need to make a small pilot or meet with other iClimate’ers to develop ideas before writing a proposal,
  • want to host a workshop to develop a project, collect inspiration, kick-start collaborations or expand networks,
  • want to invite a special guest,
  • need a particular piece of softwareinstrument-time or lab-analysis in order to make a pilot or demonstrate an idea,
  • want support for education or outreach activities that can further our agenda,

you should ask for iClimate support.

Do not consider these examples an exhaustive list – anything that facilitates interdisciplinary and collaborative activities within iClimate basically goes. If you have an idea and are in doubt whether it is applicable, write us an email and we will consider it in the core group.

There is no call and no deadlinebut you must:

  • Write to mail@iclimate.au.dk and plangen@envs.au.dk.
  • Explain your motivation and funding needs along with the interdisciplinary and collaborative aspects using the application form.
  • Here you must also describe how the activities add value to iClimate, are interdisciplinary, further internal collaboration across iClimate, and potentially add to the visibility of iClimate internally at AU and externally.

If we need more information, we will get back to you and ask for it. We have an annual total of about 400,000 DKK for these activities , so please keep that in mind and do not ask for the entire pot.

Only limited salaries for technical staff are covered (40,000 DKK max). No overhead is provided. Also, we do not cover travels for iClimate’ers going abroad (for conferences, research stays etc), unless it can be clearly shown how it can further internal collaboration inside and across iClimate.

The mission of iClimate is to facilitate new interdisciplinary ideas and projects that aim to study climate processes and feedbacks, climate change and human-climate interactions; understand impacts and risks; support adaptation decisions and enable transition of society to sustainability in the face of large-scale changes ahead. iClimate will foster education, capacity building and an exchange of knowledge and practices across AU and with the outside world. iClimate aspires to become the preferred provider to the outside for societally relevant translation of the science and to provide services and solutions to the private and public sectors.