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Want to become a member of iClimate?

If you are employed or you study at Science and Technology, Aarhus University (AU ST) and you are interested and/or already working with climate-related research, you can contact us and become a member of iClimate. Send us an email via iClimate@envs.au.dk and let us know to which one(s) of the 4 pillars you would like to be affiliated with and get information from.

Find a current researcher of the iClimate centre in the list depicted below.


The members of iClimate come from a broad range of departments at AU ST. The majority is represented by the departments of Environmental Science (ENVS), of Engineering (ENG), of Geoscience (GEO) and of Agroecology (AGRO). Researchers from the departments of Chemistry (CHEM), of Animal Science (ANIS), of Bioscience (BIOS), of Food Science (FOOD), of Physics (PHYS) and of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MGB) and from the Aarhus University School of Engineering (ASE) are also present. 

Phone number Name, Job title, Email, Unit (Building, room)
Winther, Morten, Senior Advisor, mwi@envs.au.dk, Department of Environmental Science - Atmospheric Emissions & Modelling (7407, 117)
Wu, Shubiao, Associate Professor, wushubiao@agro.au.dk, Department of Agroecology - Soil Physics and Hydropedology (8822)
Ye, Zhuyun, Assistant Professor, zye@envs.au.dk, Department of Environmental Science - Atmospheric Emissions & Modelling (7403, 100)
Zandersen, Marianne, Senior Researcher, mz@envs.au.dk, Department of Environmental Science - Environmental social science and geography (7407, 124)