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2020.01.27 | Research news

Climate optimization of agricultural production systems

Researchers from Aarhus University collaborate with researchers from the University of Copenhagen on the development of system analyzes that support a more climate-friendly food production and biomass use in Danish agriculture. (Have a look at the full article in Danish via the link above)

2020.01.07 | Research news

Robust crops for an extreme climate

The climate has become more unstable and extreme and this is a challenge for our crops. This issue was discussed by researchers from a number of countries at a workshop held by the Department of Food at Aarhus University on December 6. (Have a look at the full article in Danish via the link above)

2019.12.12 | Research news

New project shall show the way to the climate-friendly dairy cow

Aarhus University is at the forefront of a new research project that will pave the way for a more climate-efficient milk production. The aim of the project is to reduce the cow's emission of methane via feeding. It is also investigating the best way to implement the new climate measures and to document their effect in the future. (Have a look at…

2019.12.03 | Research news

Climate and environmental effects of nitrification inhibitors

Researchers from Aarhus University, the University of Copenhagen and SEGES are collaborating in a new project to investigate the effects of nitrification inhibitors on nitrous oxide emissions and soil organisms. (Have a look at the full article in Danish via the link above)

2019.11.26 | People

Sapere Aude research leader grant to iClimate researcher Jonas Elm

iClimate researcher Jonas Elm has been awarded 6.2 Mill. DKK for his research project entitled 'Formation and Growth of Atmospheric Molecular Clusters'. In his research, Jonas aims at combining knowledge of quantum mechanics, atmospheric chemistry and machine learning in order to better understand how particles are formed and grown in the…

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