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2019.04.05 | Publication

Winds of change

A new study in PNAS with iCLIMATE participance shows that an increase in solar activity weakens the Walker circulation in the tropical Pacific

2019.03.26 | Public/media

We should demand and produce climate friendly foods

A reduction of the climate impact of foods will involve major challenges and difficult dilemmas. However, a transition in both foods and production is necessary and entails many positive side effects.

2018.12.11 | Public/media

New technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production

Private companies and research institutions brainstormed the possibilities on a meeting arranged by iClimate, Aarhus University Interdisciplinary centre for Climate Change.

2018.12.07 | People

iCLIMATE scientist among world's most cited

Congratulations to Professor Jørgen E. Olesen, whose research focus on the dynamics between agriculture and climate, for being listed among the world's 6000 most cited researchers

2018.11.05 | Research

New publication with iCLIMATE-contribution questions the effect of forest management as a climate change mitigation tool

The article published in Nature shows that even if forest carbon sequestration may be reinforced, the climate benefits may be offset by concurrent management-induced factors such as changed albedo, transpiration, and more

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