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iClimate Virtual Internal Workshop 2020

Aarhus University iCLIMATE centre is organising the annual internal workshop 2020 as a virtual event and invites all iClimate members to participate. Please sign up no later than October 19th 14.00pm to receive this link by email before the workshop.

Info about event


Tuesday 20 October 2020, at 09:00 - Wednesday 21 October 2020, at 16:00


Virtual via Teams




Day 1, 20 October 2020

09:00-09:15      Welcome and practical information – Center Director and management team

09:15-10:30      Pillar overview from the five pillar leaders

10:30-11:00     Break                                             

11:00-11:15      Prof. Peter L. Langen - Introduction

11:15-11:30    TT Shiyu Yan: Deep decarbonization of transport: Banning sales of new petrol and diesel cars

11:30-11:45      TT Diego Abalos Rodriguez: One-size-does-not-fit-all: a multi-scale approach to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions

11:45-12:00    TT Christoffer Karoff: Using remote sensing for accelerating the green transition              

12:00-12:15      Prof. Sven Gjedde Sommer – Zero Emissions Agriculture Workshop 2021

12:15-13:15      Break

13:15-15:30      Flash talks - iClimate PhD students

13:15-13:30     Thomas Stridsland: Carbon Footprinting AU’s Value Chain

13:30-13:45     Maria Kjeldsen: Methane production from dairy cows – evaluation of the CO2-equation, feeding strategies to reduce methane and phenotypic traits

13:45-14:00     Lamis Abdelhakim: The effect of combined stress in spring wheat by using dynamic phenotyping

14:00-14:15     Johan Scheller: Drone-based mapping of methane emissions in a fen in NE Greenland

14:15-14:30     Xiaoyi Meng: Influence of gas diffusity and soil-water potential on nitrous oxide emissions

14:30-14:45      Break

14:45-15:00     Frank Akowuge Dugasseh: Forest Carbon Funds and how they are influencing climate change efforts in the Global South

15:00-15:15     Joanna Martin Davies: Early Holocene history of the Zachariae Ice Stream, NE Greenland

15:15-15:30     Leon Joachim Schwenk-Nebbe: CO2 Quota Attribution Effects on the European Electricity System

15:30-15:45     Eva Lisa Doting: Microbial signatures in the cryosphere

15:45-16:00      Roundup, next steps….



Day 2, 21 October 2020

9:00-12:00        Pillar meetings

13:00-15:00      Advisory board meeting (only coregroup and advisory board members)