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iClimate Virtual Internal Workshop 2020

Aarhus University iCLIMATE centre is organising the annual internal workshop 2020 as a virtual event and invites all iClimate members to participate. Please sign up no later than October 19th 14.00pm to receive this link by email before the workshop.

2020.09.07 | Paula Anna Kindler

Date Tue 20 Oct Wed 21 Oct
Time 09:00    16:00
Location Virtual via Teams
Registration opens Tue 08 Sep 08:17, Registration closes Mon 19 Jul 14:00 Register


Day 1, 20 October 2020

09:00-09:15      Welcome and practical information – Center Director and management team

09:15-10:30      Pillar overview from the five pillar leaders

10:30-11:00     Break                                             

11:00-11:15      Prof. Peter L. Langen - Introduction

11:15-11:30    TT Shiyu Yan: Deep decarbonization of transport: Banning sales of new petrol and diesel cars

11:30-11:45      TT Diego Abalos Rodriguez: One-size-does-not-fit-all: a multi-scale approach to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions

11:45-12:00    TT Christoffer Karoff: Using remote sensing for accelerating the green transition              

12:00-12:15      Prof. Sven Gjedde Sommer – Zero Emissions Agriculture Workshop 2021

12:15-13:15      Break

13:15-15:30      Flash talks - iClimate PhD students

13:15-13:30     Thomas Stridsland: Carbon Footprinting AU’s Value Chain

13:30-13:45     Maria Kjeldsen: Methane production from dairy cows – evaluation of the CO2-equation, feeding strategies to reduce methane and phenotypic traits

13:45-14:00     Lamis Abdelhakim: The effect of combined stress in spring wheat by using dynamic phenotyping

14:00-14:15     Johan Scheller: Drone-based mapping of methane emissions in a fen in NE Greenland

14:15-14:30     Xiaoyi Meng: Influence of gas diffusity and soil-water potential on nitrous oxide emissions

14:30-14:45      Break

14:45-15:00     Frank Akowuge Dugasseh: Forest Carbon Funds and how they are influencing climate change efforts in the Global South

15:00-15:15     Joanna Martin Davies: Early Holocene history of the Zachariae Ice Stream, NE Greenland

15:15-15:30     Leon Joachim Schwenk-Nebbe: CO2 Quota Attribution Effects on the European Electricity System

15:30-15:45     Eva Lisa Doting: Microbial signatures in the cryosphere

15:45-16:00      Roundup, next steps….



Day 2, 21 October 2020

9:00-12:00        Pillar meetings

13:00-15:00      Advisory board meeting (only coregroup and advisory board members)

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