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This spring iClimate have granted a total of 213.473 d.kr to excellent climate research carried out by iClimate members

2021.05.04 | Public/media

This spring iClimate received 18 applications from iClimate members adding up to a total of 573.000 d.kr. Based on economic contribution from the departments, research group, individual researcher and the relevance of the project, the iClimate core group have decided to support eight projects. You can read more about the successful projects below.

Why not combine agriculture and solar energy on the same field?

2021.03.08 | Public/media

Using vertical solar-cell installations, researchers from Aarhus University will harvest both energy and crops from the same agricultural area. The plan is to produce energy when it is most needed, while at the same time leaving space for the farmer to work in the field.


Tue 05 Oct
09:00-17:00 | Roskilde
iClimate internal annual workshop 2021
Registration link will be available in august 2021
Tue 22 Feb
16:42-16:42 | Novo Nordic Conference Facilities in Hellerup, Denmark.
International conference on Zero Greenhouse Gas Emission in High Productive Agriculture
Aarhus University is organising the international conference on 'Zero Greenhouse Emission in High Productive Agriculture - ZEA' 22 - 24 February 2022. The conference is hosted and financially supported by NovoNordic Foundation. The conference will be a meeting point for invited scientist from all over the world and Danish scientist, who are dealing with development of novel technology and management practice in farming. They will share ideas and visions for future holistic management of livestock and crop production in order to reduce or eliminate GHG emission. New production systems that at the same time avoid further hazards for human health, biodiversity and environment. The conference is a perfect opportunity to engage with important policy makers and other relevant stakeholders. The conference focus on Danish agriculture, but the concepts and ideas presented may be an inspiration for policy makers and companies globally. Therefore, the organizing committee will write a joint article about the outcome of the conference, and submit this to a high ranking international journal.