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Hans Sanderson


Senior Researcher

Primary affiliation

Hans Sanderson

Areas of expertise

  • Risk assessment
  • Chemicals
  • Climate
  • Sustainability
  • Transition

Contact information

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My main focus is to contribute to a sustainable transition of our society through research-based knowledge about risks, so that this knowledge can be part of a democratic transformation of our society. My projects and publications document this direction and focus.


I work mainly with the area of risk assessment both in regards to chemicals and climate risks. I also work on sustainability analysis and reporting. I focus supporting decision making in complicated enviromental and sustainability challenges.

Teaching activities

I have supervised two PhD students since 2018. I am moreover leading the development of a global Masters Programme on chemical risk assessment with University of Saskatchewan in Canada (https://toxicology.usask.ca/professional-program1/overview1.php), and I am the Climate Hub Academic Chair  for AU within Circle U (https://www.circle-u.eu/).


I am a member of the Board of Trustees for the Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (https://hesiglobal.org/). Since 2015 I have been chairing the Department of Environmental Science business committee. Since 2016 I have been the AU representative to the COROLAB organization (https://corolab.dk/) for local sustainable business development. I have lead the Iclimate service centre (https://iclimate.au.dk/services) and supported companies in managing their climate risks. I work with the Aarhus School of Business (https://bss.au.dk/) on coporate climate and sustainability risks. 


I have advised several different organisations and companies over the years: the EU Environment Agency; NATO; WHO; US National Academy of Sciences; several research councils (USA; Sweden; Germany; Poland et al.). Since 2015, I am an expert for the Danish Ministry of Research for the EU Commission Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe the Danish. I am an expert for HELCOM for the Danish Ministry of the Environment. I have worked with a number of companies on risk management.

Job responsibilities

I work on developing methods and analysis for risk assessment and management. This is to support sustainble decision making with corporations and the public sector.

Selected publications

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