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Camilla Geels


Senior Researcher

Primary affiliation

Camilla Geels

Areas of expertise

  • Modeling of air pollution
  • Effects related to air pollution

Contact information

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Main research interests:

·       Developments and applications of atmospheric chemistry-transport models covering regional to local scales;

·       Integrated assessments linking air pollution and the negative impacts on the human health; Including detailed analysis of the impact of different PM components and source types.

·       European scale air pollution forecasts and analysis;

·       Modelling of emissions and atmospheric transport of pollen;

·       The interaction between air pollution and climate - including the climate penalty on NH3 emissions;

·       The atmospheric contribution to eutrophication of marine and terrestrial ecosystems through deposition of airborne nitrogen compounds;

·       Atmospheric transport of CO2 and estimation of the national to regional GHG budget.

·       Statistical analysis of model simulations and observations.

·       International model inter-comparisons.


Collaborates with a number of modelling groups across Europe e.g. as part of the on-going Copernicus, Atmospheric Monitoring Service. Have been and is involved in a number of EU projects and Nordic networks/projects (e.g. NordicWelfAir: https://projects.au.dk/nordicwelfair).


Contributes to advisory tasks for the EU, ministries, regions and agencies in relation to the effects of air pollution on health, nature and climate. Contributes regularly to DCE science based technical reports (in Danish) and consultancy publications - like the yearly DCE report on Atmospheric Deposition.

Selected publications

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