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iClimate Scientist on the History of Climate Research

2018.06.07 | Publication

Professor Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz discusses the discovery of the greenhouse effect and the first climate models in the 19th and 20th century

All workshop participants gathered for a group photo.
A poster session let participants meet eachother across disciplines. 
Deep discussion in the good weather.
Hans Sanderson introducing keynote speaker Dr. Irene Fischer-Bruns from Climate Service Center Germany, Europe's largest.
The programme featured a visit to DTU's new windtunnel at Risø Campus, where windmills will be tested for strength and noise at windspeeds of up to 105 meters per second.

First iClimate workshop held with 60+ participants

2018.05.14 | Events

Participants from eight different departments met for an intense 2-day programme of presentations, talks, and disscussions of the future workings of iClimate.

New book publication from iClimate scientist Hans Sanderson

2018.04.17 | Publication

"Adapting to Climate Change in Europe: Exploring Sustainable Pathways - From Local Measures to Wider Policies" is the title of a new book published on Elsevier with iClimate scientist as its main editor


Wed 26 Sep
09:00-16:00 |
The aim of the workshop is to foster better use of the possibilities arising with Newspace. Newspace refers to the globally emerging space movement led by the faster, better and cheaper access to space. It includes private space initiatives like SpaceX, large freely available services like the Copernicus program and the use of ultra-cheap microsatellites.