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Tagging in ReAp and Navision - Guidelines

If you are a member of more than one Thematic Center (e.g. WATEC, ARC and iCLIMATE) then you have to decide which center a given project should be “tagged” to. A project can only be “tagged” to one center, whereas you, as a researcher, can be an active member of several centers. 

Earlier, the procedure for tagging the projects has been different in the various departments. From November 2019 it has been decided that the economic controller from ST approximately every third month will send a list to the Head of departments and it is their responsibility to make sure that the projects are tagged to the right centers. Since the titles of the projects in Navision can be very cryptic, we believe that it will be a very difficult and time-consuming task for the Head of the departments and hence we take the responsibility to double check and inform the Head of the departments.


In the future whenever you receive a grant you are kindly asked to: 

1)     Send an email to mail@iclimate.au.dk with the Navision project number and title

2)     Inform and agree with the head of your department that he/she should tag the project to iClimate the next time he/she receives the list from the ST economy.


In the future when you apply for a project and register it in ReAp you are kindly asked to:

1)     “Tag” the project to iClimate by choosing “iClimate” in the field “ST Thematic Center Phase 1” in the second line right below your AU-ID/Email.

2)     If you end up receiving the funding, please remember to send an email to mail@iclimate.au.dk (See procedure above). The tagging of your project will not be automatically transferred to NAVISION. We need the tagging in ReAp in projection of future budgets of iClimate.