Climate Services and Solutions

The overall objective of the research pillar “Climate Services and Solutions” is to link the grand challenges to grand solutions. Impacts of climate change are already causing havoc through instability and extremes, changing the conditions for life and ecosystems. The main question is how societies can adapt, develop resiliency and manage risks; and to transform our societal systems towards carbon neutrality fast, i.e. mitigate accelerated temperature increase. 


Climate services and solutions refers to interdisciplinary research and analysis, the development of tools and technical solutions, risk assessments, guidance and advice to public policy makers and stakeholders on transforming energy systems, urban systems and production systems towards a carbon neutral and resilient society. The work in pillar 4 will focus on energy systems, urban systems, carbon neutral production systems (including agriculture); and climate services to private companies and public bodies.


The work in this pillar will focus on research and development of climate services and solutions to all relevant sectors via collaboration across the four pillars in the Centre and with relevant partners in research, public policy and businesses. The fundamental and applied research carried out in Pillar 1-3 will provide knowledge, data, models and technical innovations for building climate services and solutions. We will achieve this by integrating different areas of natural-, technical and social sciences research and aim for solutions that are feasible in a combination of engineering, technical and societal perspectives. Our focus is particularly on policy development, private businesses, and civil society, and we have in particular focus on the agricultural sector, the energy sector, the production sector, land use, urban challenges and transitions, and regulatory frameworks in climate policy and monitoring, reporting and verification.